Friday, December 7, 2007

The Waiting Room

It seems that I have been spending toooo much time in waiting rooms lately. When you walk through the door, you look around and see everyone else. Waiting. It's funny because everytime "the door" opens, you hope it is your name being called. You notice who goes in...who comes out....and even those who you "KNOW" came in after you but is getting called before you! But you do it. You wait. You wait in that wait for the "hope" or "promise" that the person you are waiting to see will bring the help you need.

Those waiting rooms are frustrating enough, but have you ever felt like you were in "God's Waiting Room"? I know I have been there. In many ways I feel like I am there right now. I feel like I have signed in and I am waiting and watching. On rough days, I know I am guilty of looking around and noticing who is being attended to first. I try not to.....but it is a struggle on some days. It is a struggle that i can only win by releasing the praise in my heart and focusing on the one I am waiting for. I rest in the peace He then gives.

There have been many Words and promises in my life. I get so impatient for the fulfillment. I am so hungry for the "door" to open! I know that on the other side of the door there are so many great things. In the "earth realm" there have been many false hopes. Drugs that promise to help, but end up causing more problems than the disease. I am soooo happy that in my God there are no false hopes or bad side effects. His promises are true.
In James, the Word tells me that I must learn to wait.

(James 1:2-4) I must learn to wait so that my faith may be proved. As my faith is proved, it helps me to not give up. I must learn well how to wait so that I can be strong and need of nothing.

So for now....I sit in the waiting room. However--I am not aimlessly looking through old magazines or watching the TV. I refuse to fuss about the situation to those around me. I am reading His Word and praying in preparation. When the door opens...I will RUN through it!

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