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DELETE! June 4, 2008
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It has always been easier for me to write what I am feeling than to actually communicate it with spoken word. It could be that the written word has a beautiful delete button that allows me to phrase and rephrase what I am thinking. When I speak….it is just out there. And for most of my life has gotten me into trouble!

I sometimes think a delete button would be a wonderful thing in life. Used properly, you could wipe away anything that causes pain. You could wipe out any memory of times you were wronged or times you wronged others. A world with no pain. Sounds good to me!!
However, I guess without the pain there are many lessons I would never have learned. I would not truly appreciate loyal friends without being hurt by those whose actions were selfish and petty. I have also learned that even in deepest pain and darkness, there is one who is always with me. Without that darkness, I may not have gone running toward the light of His love. Without the memory of how my words/actions may have hurt others….I would go on hurting those I love. The pain, thought unpleasant at the time, will allow us to be more thankful for the times of peace and times of blessing. We can look back at past pain and see the deliverance of the Father and know He is working His will in us again.

I guess I am learning that sometimes my pain is for His glory and brings glory to His name. It is not all about me… is not about what is comfortable to me. It is ALL about Him and His name. I am learning that sometimes my pain helps me and others. Through my different struggles, battles and pain I now can relate to so many others. If not for what I have been through, I would not understand what they are going through. His love and strength makes the “delete” button seem a little unnecessary in this world.

At the appropriate time, the promise of a “delete button” is actually written in the Word. It is a wonderful promise of the world to come. Revelation 21 tells me that God will dry every tear from from eyes and there will be no more pain or sorrow. Can you imagine that????? God loves me enough to dry each tear and then delete the pain. At that point…the pain is no longer necessary. I will be in the presence of Jesus.

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