Thursday, February 19, 2009


Welcome!I am excited that you are joining me for the journey. Not all of these blogs are "new". I have posted some of my favs from another sight I was blogging on. The purpose is share, challenge and help keep me on course. While some will be sharing what I feel God is speaking for the day, I would like to share other aspects of my life and things I love. I love cooking and music....look for recipes and songs. I love my family....look for pictures and updates. I am like most mothers,daughters, sisters and wives. I long to rest in the shadow of my Almight, and like Mary I search for those opportunities. HOWEVER...I, like MANY others... find my self caught up in a Martha Existance that leaves me drained and frustrated at times. Service is important....knowing who and why you serve is the only way to keep it real. My desire is to walk with strength and dig ditches for the blessings and refreshings as I go. It is there that I find the source of my strength! As He fills the springs with rain.....I am forever changed.


  1. I found you though my blog follower! Is this you Sis. Hindman? The one that can smell my roast from Michigan? lol!

  2. It is! It is! How are you!! I decided to bring mine over here. I am a follower of you!